Another Day, Another Drive

September 29, 2021

I have a lot to think about lately, a lot of stress in my life.  With time on my hands, and because someone who subscribes to my YouTube channel requested more videos of my drives around Klamath Falls, I took another nice long drive yesterday.  This time I left the Klamath Basin and took a circuitous route that led past Crater Lake (cutting through the southwest corner of Crater Lake National Park, but not entering the paid area -- time I have, money not so much -- so I didn't see the actual lake) and through parts of three national forests, three counties and two scenic byways.

These drives may seem like a waste of gas and time (this one took three and a quarter hours), but to me they are, in a way, therapeutic.  They allow me to think, but not concentrate too much on my problems, and since I love driving they give me a chance to do something I love.  If I was in better health I'd enjoy hiking as well, but...

Maybe you would like to watch the three hour video.  Maybe you, too, have too much time on your hands.  Who'm I kidding .. nobody wants to sit through three hours of watching some guy's dashcam video.  But maybe you would like three hours of eclectic and sometimes weird background music.

Still, three hours' worth?  Maybe an hour would be easier to digest.

So, I divided the trip up into three one-hour video segments and I now present them to you, the person with too much time on their hands, to peruse.

Don't mind the chip in the windshield; he's been around as long as I've owned this vehicle and when I took him to a glass shop I found out he's already been fixed.  The rain?  Well, sometimes the camera likes to focus on the drops.


I give you Part 1: from the Pilot truck stop in Klamath Falls ("Terminal City" area) to the south side of Crater Lake National Park - you'll see snow beside the road:


Part 2: Continuing through the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest, along the Umpqua National Forest and along the north side of Crater Lake National Park


And Finally, Part 3: Through a section of the Fremont-Winema National forest to Diamond Lake Junction then back to Terminal City on Highway 97.

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