My first remembered spanking ... and cottage cheese

The first spanking I remember ever getting occurred in my grandmother’s kitchen at the breakfast table. Grandma was pouring a glass (actually, an aluminum tumbler) of orange juice for me and I, being the curious tyke I was, moved the tumbler to see if the stream of orange juice would bend and follow the tumbler. Naturally, it didn’t, and my dad was decidedly not happy with me.

I attended Kindergarten and possibly part of First Grade in Mehama at a small two-room school house that still stands there (but is no longer a school). My grandmother was the school’s cook – the cafeteria, if you will, was in the basement of the school. She was a great cook and made everything from scratch. Only things I didn’t like were that she made me eat cottage cheese whenever it was served, and she always put butter on any bread she made sandwiches with, no matter what else was on the sandwich. Even if it was a PB&J. She made PBB&J sandwiches.

I loathe cottage cheese to this day and like butter on my bread when it is only bread and butter, or toast.

- yet another excerpt from my autobio

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