On Becoming a Class Clown (My advice: Don't)

We lived in Jacksonville for two years, until my dad retired from the Marine Corps and moved us back to the home he had purchased in Fallbrook. Back with my old school mates, now in Mr. Maddox’s 6th grade class at Iowa Street School, I found that none of those old schoolmates seemed to want to have anything to do with me. Thus was born my class clown phase, as a way to get attention. If I knew then what I know now, I’d hopefully not go that route. The attention I got was not the kind I hoped for, and instead of making friends I became more and more the outcast.  I also began to be called derogatory names, and that really destroyed my self-esteem.

So if you want to get negative attention -- become the class clown.  I'm the guy with the smirk on his face in the brown pants and plaid shirt in the front row.



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