Last night's weird dream (caution - violence)

I can still remember it, so here it is:

Scene: Modern day. A desert, mountain range in background. There is some sort of grimy industry, possibly a foundry, with a main structure with another equally grimy structure just west of it that is a railroad car loading or unloading facility. A railroad mainline runs through the scene from the west to the east, horizon to horizon.

Activity: A group of men, contracted laborers at the loading or unloading facility, are near some railroad cars, spraying each other with fire hoses. Another group of men, very grimy, are watching from alongside the main building. These men are employees of the company, whereas the playful ones are merely contracted laborers. The employees are yelling at the guys with the hose to stop wasting the water because the well is almost dry and they need the water (for the foundry process?), but the men with the hoses are ignoring them.

The railroad cars they are next to are the tail end of an eastbound freight train, which is stopped on the mainline.

Next, another eastbound freight train approaches at speed. The engineer, seeing the stopped train ahead, has put his train into emergency braking but knows there is no way it will stop in time. He is leaning out the side window of the diesel locomotive's cab, waving his cap, yelling for the men to get out of the way.

Everyone starts running away from the tracks, and the train plows into the rear of the stopped train. Cars begin to pile up, slewing everywhere as men try to get away or take cover. I (first time I realize I am part of the dream, and not just a witness) dive for cover in a drywash, trying to tuck myself under the overhanging culvert as far as possible to avoid being hit by any of the cars that are piling up. Some of them, or parts of them, come dangerously close to me and as I push back farther against the wall of the culvert, I fall back through a hidden door that I've pushed against hard enough that it swings open.

I now find myself inside an older double-wide mobile home that is underground. I find that there are some very bad men there who have kidnapped a bunch of kids and have nefarious plans for them. I go about trying to sneak the kids out to rescue them, but I'm detected by one of the men. At his command, two other men throw a black cloth or sack over my head and it covers me completely. I feel ropes being tied around me, while the main guy is talking about how the best way to deal with me is to smash my head against the concrete (I had noticed rebar sticking out of the side of the concrete when I came in) and kill me. Which I'm thinking was part of what they had been planning to do or had been doing to some of the kids before I had barged in and tried to rescue them.

Oddly enough, I don't feel afraid.

Then I awoke.


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