"Would you like Tweets with that?"

I drove through a McDonalds yesterday. At the window there is a sign asking "Would you like Tweets with that?" I asked the young woman who was handing me my Coke what a Tweet was.

(Sure, I know, but I'm old and like to be a pain sometimes.)

She looked at first surprised, followed by confused. She didn't know how to answer. She said "It's a computer thing, like Facebook or Myspace."

With my blankest expression of incomprehension I said, kind of ponderously, as if I was trying to understand, "So... you... have a space on a computer... with pictures of people's faces?"

She had her own blank expression of incomprehension and could not formulate an answer. Finally, she said, "No no, it's an internet thing."

I sat there momentarily with a total look of ignorance, and would have loved to continue the ruse but there were cars behind me so I just kind of gave a shrug and a head shake and drove away.


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