A Country Drive In The Southern Part Of The Klamath Basin

September 26, 2021

I went for a drive today just to get out of the house.  Had a dash cam app running on an old cell phone to capture the trip, but alas there wasn't enough space on the phone (I'd forgotten to put a  microSD card in it) so the first 45 minutes or so of the trip were overwritten.  When I got home, I put it to music (weird choices of music this time) and uploaded it to YouTube with the following description and am embedding it here for anyone who thinks they would like to watch it.

All music is in the public domain, downloaded from the Open Music Archive at http://www.openmusicarchive.org/

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Saturday Mornings Are My Busy Time

A Behind-The-Scenes look at running a media ministry

September 25, 2021

s clapboardOur Saturday morning goal is the get to the Sabbath Streams Ministries church building as soon after 10am as possible to prepare for the 10:30 Worship and Word Service.  Elizabeth has her preparations and I have mine.   For me, it begins with setting up the laptop and plugging in and powering on all the peripherals that are used for live streaming and sound.  We have two cameras, an amplified mixer, and a projector.

Once the laptop is going, I open up the OBS Studio software and make sure that all the inputs are working properly: Both cameras, the audio from the mixer, the day's service title slide and opening video clip.  Then I fire up the OpenLP software through which I will project song lyrics onto the screen in the church and also on the live stream video and make sure that OBS is receiving the signal from OpenLP.

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When My Brother And I Were Part-Time Stripers

September 23, 2021

C Bass & Co. was our name and striping was our game.  Parking lot striping, to be precise.  With an old Unimasco Mark-Rite striping machine, a chalk line with blue chalk, a 100' tape measure, a broom, a few gallons of traffic paint and a couple of stencils loaded into the back of my 1979 Ford Courier, we were in business.  I even had business cards made up.  I conscripted my brother Rodney to help me in the business, and we made a darn good team.

It was a good business, and we learned as we went.  I purchased a business manual from Enterpreneur Magazine on how to have and operate a parking log striping business, which really helped a lot.  Of course, me being me, I never charged as much as the manual said I should.  It's just a thing with me, I undersell myself, a lot.  No pun intended!

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Were School Bus Stops Safer Then?

September 22, 2021

YouTube is rife with news pieces about cars that do not stop when school buses are picking up or dropping off kids.  Despite the flashing amber and red lights, the red stop signs that swing out on the side of the bus, the signs themselves with flashing red lights, it seems that accidents involving vehicles passing stopped school buses are climbing. Just last week, a UPS delivery truck almost took out three kids.

The drivers simply ignore the stop signs and go cruising on past; sometimes on the door side of the bus.  Just do a search for "passing school bus" on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=passing+school+bus) and prepare to be amazed.

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Memories Of Telling Night-Night Stories To My Kids While I'm Not Home

September 21, 2021

If you've read many of my blogs, you know that I spent some years of my life as a truck driver. As such, I was away from home a lot while my children were growing up through their childhoods.

When I was home, I always told them a bedtime story; usually some silly story I made up with strange characters such as "The Cat That Ate Bonsall" (Bonsall was a nearby town) or "A Day In The Life Of A Baseball." Other times I'd tell more traditional stories, but no matter what story I told them I would always add character voices and so forth to make things more entertaining.

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For My Brothers And Aunts, Mostly: Some Old Home Movies

September 20, 2021

Dear Rod and Rob and Aunts Jewel and Diana,

I hope you will find this mix of old 8mm silent home movies bring back good memories, despite the ethereal choice of musical soundtrack.  This will take you back, and even in the dark portions there are some recognizable people you will remember making cameo appearances.  I wish the focal quality was better, but hey, it was back in the day.  Way back in the day.

I've titled this compliation of movies "A Different Time." We open at the Pala Indian Festival, as it was called back the, where we watch some traditional dances.  Then we bounce around in years and locations - the San Diego Zoo, rodeo on Camp Pendleten, our home in Fallbrook, San Juan Capistrano and much more.  I hope you enjoy it.  And if anyone else wants to watch it, you are welcome to as well.

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Memories Of A Trip To Phoenix

September 20, 2021

shuttlecraft thumbnailIn November of 2009, my wife and I took a trip to Phoenix, Arizona in our then-motorhome, a 1990 Winnebago LeSharo, which we had named "Le Shuttlecraft" due to its visual similarity (to me) of a Shuttlecraft from the original Star Trek television series.  For those who don't know, a LeSharo was a small Class C motorhome based on the Renault Trafic (one f) light commercial van.  As such, it had a 2.2 litre Renault 4 cylinder engine and a Renault drive train.  It got GREAT gas mileage for an RV (we're talking 15 around town and 21 on the highway vs. the 9/9 that our current motorhome gets), but the engine was the LeSharo's ultimate downfall. 

But I digress.

What follows is a log posting I made to a LeSharo forum about that Phoenix trip.  I hope you will enjoy it!

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Today Is Sealing Day

September 17, 2021

Owning a recreational vehicle is not always fun and games and travel and camping.  And the purchase price and fuel costs and registration and insurance are not the only operating expenses one incurs.  Besides the regular maintenance of oil changes, lube jobs, filters, and tires (which, by the way, should be replaced every 6  or 7 years whether they have good tread on them or not - more about that later) common to all internal combustion-powered motor vehicles, there are a myriad of other items that one rarely thinks about which require regular maintenance to keep them in tip-top condition.

And these are not inexpensive.  You can do it yourself and save a few bucks, but my body won't participate in some of these that require kneeling, bending, lifting, stooping, crawling, climbing work.  Knees and lungs, my friend, knees and lungs.  And throw out a back for good measure.  Yeah, I'm out of shape and have other issues.

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I'm In The Business of Retired

September 15, 2021

I sold my web design business in 2018, and part of that included closing the business PayPal account I had under the name of the business.  Well, that is to say I tried to close it, tried being the operative word.  In essence, all I ended up doing apparently was changing the business name to "Retired."  I know this because to this day I get the occasional business loan or line of credit offer from PayPal under the name of "Retired."  I wonder what would happen if I accepted an offer?  I'm sure that documenting the business income would be a hoot.


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Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

September 15, 2021

To breathe, but not just to breathe; to infuse the blood with oxygen, this is the job of the lungs.  Elementary, that.  Most of us do it - in fact, all of us do it, and we don't have to think about it.  If we didn't - or couldn't - do it, we would no longer continue to live.

In early 2018, I was diagnosed with a lung condition that is irreversible and terminal.  Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, or IPF for short.  Idiopathic because there is no known cause, Pulmonary meaning relating to the lungs, Fibrosis as in "formation of fibrous tissue."  In short, my lungs are scarring up, for no apparent reason.  The scarring reduces my lungs' ability to absorb and diffuse oxygen into my bloodstream.

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