Chapter Six


The woman slept.  The man could not.  Every time he drifted off he had the same dream about a giant spider that was watching them from a spaceship.  They were trapped – specimens to be studied by some alien race of gigantic spiders.  Trapped as if in a web.  Perhaps they would die here as the aliens watched and took notes.

The man reached into the door pouch and withdrew an old Colt .45 caliber pistol he kept there in case he ever ran into trouble on the road.  It had been his father’s back in the Korean war, the only thing he ever had of his dad’s.  He left the truck quietly, so as not to awaken the woman in the sleeper.

Walking quickly to the control room, his mind was whirling.  He didn’t know what to expect his actions to accomplish, but he had had enough, and felt he had to try.  He entered the room, pointed the gun at the most important-looking panel, and squeezed the trigger. 

The bullet pierced the panel.  At first, nothing seemed to happen.  He fired again.  A bank of lights went dead and blue smoke began to rise from the holes in the panel.  Suddenly a high voltage arc cut through the room as he fired a third shot.  The man heard a high-pitched squeal and imagined the room screaming in pain.  He shot blindly, putting four more bullets into random areas of the room.  His eyes were closed to avoid being blinded by the arcing of lightning which was now flashing throughout the room.  Acrid smoke burned his lungs and the man began to gag.  His mind spinning, on the verge of total blackout, the man pointed the gun at the clear dome for the final shot.

It was like the roar of a cannon.  The room exploded in sparks and began to vaporize.  The man struggled through the door and out of the building, then collapsed in the street, unconscious.

Chapter Seven